Orange, Pistachio & Cardamom cake

In a high speed blender, blitz up peach and mango until smooth and set aside in a small bowl.
Rinse out blender and blitz yoghurt, almond milk and maple syrup.
Add a teaspoon of peach and mango puree to each lolly mould.
Top with yoghurt and almond milk mixture, leaving about 1 cm to the top.
Top with peach and mango mix, and using skewer or chopstick, swirl the mix gently.
Place lolly sticks in the moulds, and freeze for a minimum of 12 hours or until solid.
Serve immediately.

This recipe uses Unsweetened Almond Breeze

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You will need:

4 ice lolly moulds

Blender Skewer/chopstick


1/3 cup chopped peach & mango

120ml greek style yoghurt 50ml Almond Breeze® Unsweetened

2 tbsp maple syrup